Our types of craft

The general term canoeing can encompass both paddling in kayaks and in open canoes. Paddling is an even more general term that can be carried out in a wide variety of craft.
At the Avon Scout & Guide Canoe Club we offer paddling sessions in kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boards (SUP).


Kayaks are fun and manoeuvrable. They are paddled solo, which means that there is one paddler per kayak. We have sufficient kayaks to provide for up to three instructor led sessions with up 24 participants in total.


Canoes are also referred to as open canoes or Canadian style canoes. Our canoes have between two and three seats. An experienced paddler can paddle them solo. We have sufficient open canoes for up to two instructor led sessions with up 16 participants in total, paddling tandem canoes. As canoe sessions require team work and good communication they are great opportunities to bonding and team building.


Stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) have become very popular in recent years. Despite their name, they can be paddled kneeling and sitting, as well as standing up. So whatever your sense of balance, taking a SUP on the water can be great fun. We have nine SUPs which are sufficient to provide one instructor led session. Note we currently only have a small number of instructors for SUP’s, so the sessions will be dependent on instructor availability. SUP’s are susceptible to wind and due to the changeable nature of the dock a kayaking session will be offered as an alternative if it is too windy.